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ISBN 978-0-9972270-0-0

Twelve-year old Jake Herndon’s school sleepover takes a shocking turn when a dangerous organization invades. He escapes along with two classmates only to be thrust into a forty-eight-hour fight for survival, uncovering a mystery dating back to the Civil War and an incredible secret about Jake’s family. Full of unexpected twists and mind-bending revelations, it’s Percy Jackson meets National Treasure with a good dose of humor and heart.

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ISBN 978-0-9972270-3-1

After a back-to-school night that became a frenzied fight for survival, seventh grade has finally settled down for Jake, Lucy, and TJ. Of course, there’s still your basic Level Three humiliations: awkward hygiene challenges, toxic nicknames, and science fair debacles. But at least nobody’s running for their life. 
That all changes when dangerous intruders descend on the historic Chicago hotel Jake calls home. After a daring escape, Jake, Lucy, and TJ find themselves fugitives on the run, chasing a series of cryptic messages that lead to a mysterious plot to steal Civil War codes – codes that somehow still matter today. Along the way they survive a shocking betrayal and unearth more stunning family secrets.

THE LEAGUE AND THE LETTERS hardcover front only final 7.18.21 .jpg

ISBN 978-0-9972270-7-9

A trip to Washington, D.C. turns into a perilous journey through dark alleys and secret passages as Jake, Lucy, and TJ race to find the lost Letters of Mary Lincoln before they fall into Lantern hands.  What makes these letters so valuable? And why does it seem like the White House has fallen under Lantern control?
Another fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping thriller with all of the action, humor, and historical trivia that makes this series such a riveting adventure.

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